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We’re living in an age in which an unprecedented amount of false information and conspiracy laden stories are being circulated through our communities, largely attributed to social media and internet use more generally; this, combined with a severe public health crisis in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic, is a worrying combination. Vets, like AJM Robson in Peckham, and other animal experts hear all sorts of different stories around animals and how they effect or are effected by COVID. Many of these theories are uninformed or unscientific.

So on this page, for the benefit of both clients in the Peckham area and those who may stumble across this website while browsing online, our vets have provided a brief Q&A on the issue. While the aim is to try and clear the air of false ideas and the like, do keep in mind this is an ever evolving issues; public health advice, in line with scientific understanding of COVID-19 and related strains of the virus, is always changing. In months’ time, vets may have more information that runs contrary to the below advice, which we will look to edit accordingly – and if in doubt, you should speak with qualified vets about your concerns.

Pets & COVID-19 – an FAQ

Can pets catch COVID-19?

Pets can indeed catch Coronavirus, although it’s far less likely to happen than with a human subject. While minor symptoms have been registered with some Covid positive animals, there’s no evidence to suggest it’s as dangerous, with no confirmed fatalities being registered as of writing this post.

Should pets stay with me while self-isolating?

Peckham residents going into self-isolation due to exhibiting symptoms, or being in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms, often contact our vets wondering if pets should stay with friends or family for the two week period. In most cases, we’d recommend your pet stays with you. We would recommend trying to avoid close contact, and ensuring hands are thoroughly washed before and after playing, feeding, petting and similar activities.

What about dog walks?

Thankfully, dogs can still be walked as long as the current social distancing guidelines are strictly observed. If you struggle recalling your dog and they are likely to run up to other persons, we’d recommend keeping them on the lead in populated areas, or finding a less busy route to take.

Do pets spread COVID-19?

It is not yet clear whether pets can spread Coronavirus to humans themselves, but as with any surface, an animal’s fur could certainly pick up the virus after a COVID positive individual comes into contact with them. As such, we’d recommend our Peckham clients avoid stroking unknown animals; as animal owners and lovers themselves, our vets are well aware how tricky this can be!

Can anti-bacterial hand wash prove harmful to pets?

We’ve heard Peckham residents’ concerns around a rumour that use of anti-bacterial hand gel could lead to poor health of pets. This is because, supposedly, such gels contained Ethylene Glycol – certainly dangerous for pets. But gels are based around ethanol, and while obviously shouldn’t be consumed by humans or animals under any condition whatsoever, this does evaporate quickly and a friendly lick from your cat or dog shortly after properly sanitizing your hands is nothing to be concerned about.

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