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Dental health and hygiene is just as important for dogs as it is for their owners. Issues with teeth and gums can make eating a discomfort for dogs, and begin to seriously impact their gastronomic health and mental well-being. But how can New Cross residents ensure their canine companion excels in this area? The vets at AJM Robson, based just a short drive away in Peckham, who prize many clients from the New Cross area, look to provide some advice on the page below.

Canine Dental Health & Hygiene Tips

Brush Their Teeth – It can be difficult, especially starting out, but brushing pets’ teeth will certainly encourage good dental health. If recommended by your vets, we’d urge you to pay heed to the advice. Your pooch may complain at first and struggle as you try to get going, but don’t give up! Try and build it into their daily routine, for example before a walk, so that they get used to it and associate it with something good; we all know how effective reward-based training can be! What’s more, the toothpastes used are usually meat flavoured, and many of our New Cross clients’ pets actually like it.

Get to Your Vets – Regular check-ups at vets like AJM Robson near New Cross will always involve a check of dental health. Putting off a check-up can mean that unseen issues like cavities/tooth decay, or issues with gums, go undetected. Many animals put up with quite serious pain and show no real sign of it bothering them; they’re stoic! So your furry friend chomping down their food with no discomfort or apparent issue doesn’t necessarily mean a clean bill of dental health.

Consider Their Diet – Many animals develop dental issues – which require intervention at our vets practice in Peckham, close by New Cross – due to dietary factors. There’s a laundry list of foods that dogs should avoid that’s well worth a look should you be unfamiliar. Likewise, there are foods that can proactively improve and sustain dental health, which vets like our own are always quick to recommend. Raw meaty bones, (canine safe) foods containing probiotics, fatty acids, anti oxidants and certain specially made supplements can all be great in this area. Speak with our vets for tailored advice should you suspect or know that your dog’s dental health is an area of concern.

If you have concerns surrounding your dog’s dental hygiene, or any other concerns what so ever, call AJM Robson – proudly serving as vets for the New Cross area. Dial 020 7701 6452.

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